Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fat Woman is awfully rude

Buddy and Personal Trainer are going away as part of a group of mates in order to get up to shenanigans. Fat Woman spends a lot of time raising her eyebrows at Personal Trainer, but actually likes hearing what the young fellows get up to. At 21 Fat Woman's friends were the not the type to go clubbing and pulling. Personal Trainer makes Fat Woman laugh with his stories of nights out.

The boys like to set each other challenges. Personal Trainer and Fat Woman have a properly professional relationship during training hour so Personal was explaining one challenge in deeply euphemistic terms. Fat Woman had no idea what he was talking about and requested that he stop talking in circles and just say what he meant straight out.

Personal Trainer said he didn't want Fat Woman to think less of him.

Fat Woman assured him that wouldn't be possible.

Fat Woman did go on to explain that she actually meant that nothing Personal Trainer got up to outside the gym would affect how she viewed him as a personal trainer, but she was inordinately grateful that Personal Trainer took the opportunity to mock, rather than simply giving her burpees.

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