Monday, 3 September 2012

Fat Woman goes to a new gym

Fat Woman went to train with Personal Trainer at his new gym. Personal Trainer hadn't made the best start at his new location thanks to an extremely heavy night out on Saturday with his old colleague and a new young lady friend. Fat Woman considered the boy needed a shave, a sleep and possibly a stiff talking to.

The new gym is very, very different. Fat Woman missed the people at the old gym. Usually Fat Woman talks to five people before she gets to the gym floor and seven people afterwards. This gym had seven people there. Fat Woman managed a conversation in the changing room though.

Fat Woman and Personal Trainer did pad work in a real boxing ring. Fat Woman liked the springy ropes. Fat Woman also learned to stand a little differently, which helped with her guard. Fat Woman's breasts were less in the way when she turned a little sideways.

Fat Woman was fitness tested again. Personal Trainer had forms where he recorded Fat Woman's results and a little folder for her to keep them in. Fat Woman smiled sweetly and made a mental note to upgrade the folder, and also the forms. Fat Woman's heart rate after the step test was apparently "poor". Fat Woman is gutted.

Fat Woman gave Personal Trainer a box of her lemon drizzle cupcakes to aid him in making friends. Personal Trainer suggested he would eat them all. Fat Woman suggested that he might have an eating disorder. Fat Woman said if he wasn't up to socialising today the cakes would wait until the next day. Fat Woman thinks that a gift is a gift and you can't dictate what happens with it, but she finds it hard to fathom why anyone would want to eat 12 lemon drizzle cupcakes rather than give half a dozen away.

Fat Woman didn't get to meet Personal Trainer's personal trainer friend. Fat Woman is interested to meet the man who enticed Personal Trainer away from her gym.

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