Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fat Woman on watch

Fat Woman has a new watch. Swimming Coach recommended the Casio digital watch instead of an expensive waterproof stopwatch. Fat Woman has tested the watch in the pool and it seems to work okay. The watch interface is exactly the same as the watch Fat Woman had when she was seven yeas old.Apparently this is "retro cool".

Today Fat Woman wore her watch to the gym. Fat Woman timed her punches and made good progress in increasing her speed.

Fat Woman found out that the watch is the key to a secret inner membership of gym goers. Somehow the watch has taken Fat Woman from "All the gear, no idea" to an insider. Fat Woman wonders if it is the watch alone that has wrought this transformation or possibly the watch in addition to the boxing gloves, the reusable water bottle and knowing how to do three different exercises with the medicine ball.

Fat Woman was told a secret. You should wear your watch on the inside of your wrist so you can admire your biceps as you check the time. This displays them to best effect.

Fat Woman is going to do that, just as soon as her biceps emerge from under her blubber.

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