Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Personal Trainer takes a holiday

Personal Trainer is going on holiday with his mum. Fat Woman suspects that Personal Trainer could use a break. Personal Trainer is a little touchy about any suggestion of over-training or slowing down because of  injuries that would see Fat Woman camping on the osteopath's doorstep, or possibly calling for an ambulance. Fat Woman thinks a break will be good for Personal Trainer.

When Personal Trainer mentioned his break in January Fat Woman simply rescheduled the Monday session to the previous Friday.

A month later Fat Woman realised that the absence of Personal Trainer would mean breaking her routine. Fat Woman understands that if you want to make a habit stick you need to do it every day for 21 days, or every week for three months. Fat Woman is making lifestyle changes and needs the good habits such as exercise to stick. Fat Woman felt a tinge of panic when she considered the possibility that missing a week might upset her routine at its vital formation stage.

Fat Woman asked Swimming Coach if he could fill in for Personal Trainer. Swimming Coach is also a personal trainer. Swimming Coach was happy to have an extra hour of client time. Fat Woman didn't cancel her Friday session with Personal Trainer as they had made an agreement so far in advance so Personal Trainer was still happy. Fat Woman got an extra workout and thus everyone was happy.

Swimming Coach made the mistake of suggesting that he should seek permission from Personal Trainer to train Fat Woman. Fat Woman got annoyed. Fat Woman may be Personal Trainer's client but she is not his property. Fat Woman allows Personal Trainer lots of power in their relationship. Sometimes Personal Trainer tells Fat Woman to say something such as "I love Personal Trainer" after every rep and Fat Woman will parrot it because it is funny. Fat Woman has even called  Personal Trainer "Sir" in front of his personal training colleagues because it was even funnier. Fat Woman does not give Personal Trainer the power to chose who she trains with when he is not available.

To be fair to Personal Trainer, he has never asked for that particular power.

Fat Woman has no problem with Swimming Coach telling Personal Trainer that Fat Woman has asked him to train her as an appropriate professional courtesy. Fat Woman doesn't even have any problem with Personal Trainer saying he doesn't want any baked goods passing between Fat Woman and Swimming Coach whilst he isn't there to participate as Personal Trainer promised to bring her something from holiday if she refrained. Fat Woman just resents any suggestion of ownership especially because it feels so patriarchal. Fat Woman is reminded of the time when she told her mother of a great night out with a platonic male friend and her mother said: "Doesn't your husband mind?" Fat Woman is not property.

Fat Woman might need to talk to Personal Trainer about how she isn't his auntie either, but that can wait until next month.

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