Friday, 17 February 2012

Fat Woman says "No!"

Monday Fat Woman sees Personal Trainer. Fat Woman and Personal Trainer work mostly with weights.

Tuesday Fat Woman takes ibuprofen and moans on Twitter.

Wednesday Fat Woman goes back to the gym for some cardio. Fat Woman believes in the analgesic effects of exercises in combating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

This Thursday Tai Chi was cancelled so Fat Woman got Personal Trainer to work with her for an extra 45 minutes.

Friday Fat Woman ached. Fat Woman went to Aquarobics.

Fat Woman still aches and is wondering if she should take more exercise.

Fat Woman seems to remember that when you have a come down after taking something and you take more of it to feel better,that is called addiction. Fat Woman would like to know when the exercise starts making you feel good, like alcohol does. Fat Woman has a lot more come down than high.

Fat Woman takes the weekend off to break the cycle. Just say "No!" to drugs.

Fat Woman doesn't believe endorphins exist. Fat Woman thinks they are like the haggis, a story for the tourists.

Fat Woman would really like to be proved wrong on that point.

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