Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fat Woman and the foam pad

Fat Woman is on a strength building programme for six weeks. Fat Woman would hesitate to claim to be power lifting but she is definitely lifting a lot of weights. Fat Woman adores weightlifting, partly because she finds it easy, but mostly because it has taken inches off her thighs and backside.

Fat Woman has been doing deadlifts for a while but it is only recently that her left knee was in good enough shape that she could start doing back squats. For those who are not yet informed, to do a back squat you have a barbell on the top of your shoulders, behind your neck, and you squat down and then stand up again.

Fat Woman knows that this sounds fascinating.

Personal Trainer is a hardcore weight lifter and scorns any extras such as gloves, although Fat Woman knows he approves of wraps. Personal Trainer prefers not to use the foam pad because then you have more of an awareness of the bar. Fat Woman aims to please so tried back squats without the foam pad but found it extremely uncomfortable. Personal Trainer made noises of mock disapproval and used the phrase "man up" but stopped when Fat Woman threw herself on his mercy admitting that she is a weak and feeble female.

Fat Woman likes how Personal Trainer knows that she is telling him to get knotted even when her words are saying something else.

The following week Personal Trainer produced the foam pad. With a big sigh, a sad shake of the head and a look of disappointment Personal Trainer told Fat Woman that she was a big girl.

Fat Woman said she was aware of that fact and it was why she was training. Actually, Fat Woman first said: "Well, DUH!" Fat Woman doesn't usually sound like a Valley girl, but feels that sometimes the situation calls for it.

Personal Trainer carefully explained he didn't mean "big girl" in the sense of "fat woman".

Fat Woman said she was aware of that fact too, and that what she said wouldn't have been funny if  that wasn't the case.

Fat Woman isn't sure that this interaction is that funny to anyone else but it made her laugh. The fact that she increased her squat weight by 2.5kg also pleased her.

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