Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fat Woman and the perfect present

Personal Trainer's birthday present has arrived. This is a personalised adventure with Disney's The Lion King. The book comes customised with the child's full name, address and also includes the name of some friends. Fat Woman thinks it is simply marvellous. Fat Woman ordered a copy for Personal Trainer because he is a fan of The Lion King and will surely appreciate being included in his own adventure with his friends Buddy and Sparky. The fact that Fat Woman finds such a gift hilarious, especially in view of Personal Trainer's insistence that she "Raise Simba up! Show him to his people!" when "Simba" was an 8kg kettlebell, is an additional advantage.

The dialogue in these books is sparkling:
"Personal Trainer" cried Simba. "I haven't seen you for so long!"
"Hello, Simba!" said Personal Trainer. "I've missed you!"
Fat Woman hopes that Personal Trainer appreciates the book as much as she thinks he might. Fat Woman knows that Personal Trainer appreciates customised gifts as her Christmas present from him was a bag for her boxing gloves stamped "Sponsored by Personal Trainer Inc".

Fat Woman is not too worried about how Personal Trainer will take the gift of a child's book as she is making him the Ultimate Chocolate Cake again and everything else will pale in comparison.

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