Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fat Woman and the moment

Fat Woman did the second week of her new abdominals programme, as prescribed by Personal Trainer. Fat Woman knocked out the following:

3 x 22 Dead Bugs
3 x 24 Russian twists
3 x 16 slow crunches (Fat Woman didn't have a Swiss ball but will buy one soon)
3 x 32 cycle crunches
3 x crucifix holds

Fat Woman remembers back in April 2012 when she managed five sit-ups at her first BoxFit class and two days later wondered if she had given birth. Personal Trainer told Fat Woman that he gave her this routine because he knows she has strong abs.

Fat Woman enjoyed being able to do something that she didn't used to be able to do and looking back across the last year to where she was.

If Fat Woman ever gets down to a low body fat percentage her abs are going to be really, really impressive. If that doesn't happen at least whichever surgeon ends up cutting her open (because that will probably happen one day for one reason or another) will have to press hard.

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