Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fat Woman gets back in the pool

Fat Woman had booked a swimming lesson. Fat Woman and Swimming Coach have had a rocky relationship in recent months (see Fat Woman and the Arse and  Fat Woman is Queen of Drama to catch up on the mildly amusing but frankly childish back story) but having got to the stage of not caring what Swimming Coach said or did, Fat Woman reasoned that as he was still her best option for learning a decent front crawl in time for Spring open water swimming, she might as well book him.

Fat Woman got into the pool five minutes before her 2 o'clock session was due to start. Swimming Coach may have several annoying characteristics but previously he had always been punctual for Fat Woman's sessions. At first Fat Woman thought Swimming Coach was late, then she thought he had stood her up in some kind of strange and slightly self-harming power play. Fat Woman is inclined to think the best of people so had "mistaken time" at the top of her possibility list, but thinks in the light of previous collected evidence she can be excused from having the other ideas cross her mind.

The schedule Personal Trainer had given Fat Woman demanded forty-five minutes of cardio work that day so Fat Woman swam up and down and thought over cancelling her gym membership and supplementing her membership of Personal Trainer's gym with attendance at the local leisure centre and other classes.

At twenty five minutes to two Swimming Coach rushed in, claiming that he had been waiting in reception since two o'clock and that he was terribly sorry, he thought the appointment was for half past two. Fat Woman did not say to Swimming Coach that he obviously hadn't checked his confirmation message from Fat Woman. Fat Woman had double-checked the time before she got in the pool so knew for sure what she had confirmed and Swimming Coach had double-confirmed. Instead of being sarcastic Fat Woman was sweet yet firm. In return Swimming Coach was concilatory and accommodating, suggesting changing to two half-hour sessions. Fat Woman much prefers a shorter swimming lesson and as Swimming Coach didn't put up the price thought she might as well grab the opportunity.

Fat Woman had the most productive lesson with Swimming Coach. Fat Woman learned how to pull the "S-shape" and increased her power and speed. When Swimming Coach commented on how confident Fat Woman seemed in the water, and how she wasn't worrying or hurrying Fat Woman didn't point out that it was because she didn't give a flying fuck what he thought any more.

Fat Woman finds that being ostensibly friends with Swimming Coach again makes being around the gym cafĂ© much easier. At the very least it means Fat Woman no longer avoids being where Swimming Coach is. Swimming Coach can fall over himself to be as friendly as he likes, but Fat Woman is there for the training and knows he is there for the money. Fat Woman does not tolerate people getting in the way of her training and is watching Swimming Coach.

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