Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fat Woman starts 2013

Fat Woman is looking forward to 2013. 1st January 2013 was a bit of a down day for Fat Woman, but she had indulged very heavily the night before at her fabulous dinner party, so it was to be expected really.

Fat Woman and Personal Trainer will talk less in sessions. Personal Trainer is going to time rest periods using his watch rather than waiting until Fat Woman stops talking. Personal Trainer and Fat Woman agreed that if they miss the conversation they will just go and get a coffee, like normal people.

Fat Woman wants to lift heavy weights. Fat Woman can already dead lift 70kg but she has found some very cool inspirational women in the power lifting community. Staci from Nerd Fitness has been soft, and then super thin but is now super strong. The photos of Staci show the difference between being skinny and being strong. Also British Powerlifting Champion 2012 Louise Fox lives really near Fat Woman.  Fat Woman is amazed that anyone sporty and successful comes from her neck of the woods. Personal Trainer says he has never seen a woman lift 100kg, but if Fat Woman wants to train for strength that's fine with him. Personal Trainer did add the caution that it is hard to bulk whilst trying to lose fat at the same time. Fat Woman accepts this, but has in her head the idea that training to life heavy weights will help her lose size. Certainly that has been Fat Woman's experience so far. Fat Woman has learnt so much that the idea of being thin yet weak is unattractive to her.

Fat Woman is following Personal Trainer's diet guidelines. This means Fat Woman is drinking protein shakes at breakfast. Protein shakes are a little close to Slim-Fast for Fat Woman's comfort, but at least Fat Woman can have unflavoured protein with fruit juice. Fat Woman can already drink a protein smoothie without going "Bleeurgh!" at the end. Fat Woman is also eating much more meat and fat than she used to. Thin Husband adores the new regime as he gets extra meat plus all the pasta or potatoes he personally wants.

Personal Trainer will be giving Fat Woman a six week exercise plan to follow. Fat Woman has been nagging Personal Trainer to be more proscriptive with her for six months. Personal Trainer has never given Fat Woman the same training session twice, let alone twice in a row before but Fat Woman pointed out that when she commits to something she does it. Fat Woman cited the no bread period as her evidence.

Fat Woman is prioritising her team sports (netball), the class with her friends (boxing) and swimming (so she can go on an open water swimming course). Fat Woman is going to continue with Tai Chi and Escrima because she likes them and they are a good balance to everything else. Fat Woman is a little sad that she can't continue with the choir but the rehearsals clash with netball and her voice has changed thanks to her latest auto immune disorder.

Fat Woman is on the lookout for a new class to take up. Personal Trainer might start a boxing class at his new gym, Fat Woman's gym is issuing a new timetable for the new year so hopefully there will be something good there.

Fat Woman is going to go shooting at least once a month and more often if she can get someone to button for her.

Fat Woman is hopeful that her motivation will continue.

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