Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fat Woman and the missed opportunity

Fat Woman went clay pigeon shooting. Fat Woman hit three clays. Fat Woman gave up at the end of her first box of cartridges (25).

Fat Woman was very unhappy about this as she was a fabulous shot just three days previously, smashing clays on all counts.

  1. Fat Woman has thought of some reasons why she might not have been shooting very well:
  2. Fat Woman had worn the wrong coat. Instead of her collarless shooting coat with shoulder patches to stop gun slippage Fat Woman wore a bulky old anorak. It made mounting the gun quite hard.
  3. It was really, really cold. Fat Woman had her MacWet gloves on but in less than ten minutes her fingers were painful.
  4. Fat Woman's shoulders ached still from Wednesday's personal training session and her reactivated RSI.
  5. Fat Woman had a friend with her and was looking forward to showing off how she could smash clays.
Fat Woman knows that pride comes before a fall. In this case pride comes before a complete lack of hitting clay pigeons.

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