Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fat Woman and her visible lingerie

Fat Woman has let Personal Trainer see her lingerie.

Fat Woman had no intention of this, but Personal Trainer dropped by unexpectedly before Sunday group PT. Fat Woman had failed to notice that Thin Husband had been too lazy to walk upstairs to the spare room and had helpfully hung up a load of her bras to dry all around the oval shower curtain rail in the downstairs bathroom. Any visitor using the bathroom would have been treated to a view of Fat Woman's lingerie. Not the practical sports bras acceptable to a fat woman getting fit but the new stuff in bright colours with lace to which Fat Woman had recently treated herself. As it had been a particular load of laundry it was all the black lingerie with a few black and red items for good measure.

Fat Woman is mortified. Fat Woman has gone hot and cold in turns. Fat Woman has only had one man clap eyes on her lingerie since she was 19. To add insult to injury, Fat Woman is still feeling incredibly sensitive over Sparky saying she had "bazoomas" and now she has displayed her large bras to someone who probably didn't want to visualise them anyway. There was no chance Personal Trainer didn't notice as he notices EVERYTHING.

Fat Woman needs chocolate, a stiff drink and a week off from training. Perhaps a month.

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